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Auto repair may appear like an enigmatic affair, especially when you never endeavored it, yet there are a couple of things that you can begin with are simple for anybody to ace. If you have the fundamental devices, there are several auto repairs you can do yourself. You need some basic instruments.....

Your car needs more care during winter!!!

Winter has come!!! The season is almost ready for taking test of your skiing capability as well as your vehicle mechanical ability!!! If you are not really well prepared or careful, you probably may find yourself slipping towards a guard rail.

Driving is stressful for you?? Just relax…Because Nissan has made your job easy!!!!

Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fixing a car yourself saves a lot of money but some repairs should be carried out by Professionals. Take a look!

Don’t try out the repairs as a beginner as some repairs are meant to be done by certified mechanics or professionals – Partsavatar Repair Parts.
 It feels good when we solve our auto related problems ourselve by taking help from YouTube do it yourself videos or car’s owner manual. Mechanical work is quite hard so the labor is costly itself. By repairing our self, we can save a lot of money.
But some car repairs are meant to be done by professionals. This is because as a beginner your minor mistake could get the auto part into problem and also there are certain safety issues.

Professionals are trained in this work and they know better. There are certain big issues that should be handled by a professional or certified mechanic. Let us have a look at some of the repairs that you should not try your hands on.

Timing Belt

Every part wears out by time, so does timing belts. Partsavatar advises not to take the initiative of repairing the timing belts.The process of replacement of timing belt requires disassembling about half of the engine parts. If you successfully replace the timing belts, you might not be able to reassemble them successfully. In this case you are just adding additional repair costs in your list. The slightest mistake could do long term and irreparable harm to your car’s engine.

Repairing and replacing a timing belt could cost up to $1000. If the engine had been damaged you will definitely have to pay more charges. Let your trusted certified mechanic handle it. You can also purchase aftermarket timing belt for replacement at cheap prices from online stores like Parts Avatar.

Fuel System Fixes
Fuel system fixes are quite dangerous as any mistake could cause garage fire. So it is strictly advised to consider your safety seriously and avoid doing replacement like fuel pump, fuel tank, injectors, rails or pressurized lines.For example, fuel pump is very delicate and expensive auto part to replace if it breaks. But getting the repair wrong can lead to catastrophic failure in the car and your car might have to be scraped completely. It is to be noted that always use quality oil and fuel in the vehicle for good performance and more life.

Visit your professional immediately whenever you encounter any problem regarding these parts. Buy affordable aftermarket fuel system parts like Engine fuel pump, fuel tanks and fuel injectors at Parts Avatar’s online store.

Transmission is the most complex part of the car. It’s a twisted maze of gears, bearings, rods and tensioners. Due to its complexity, its not a job of an average mechanic or a beginner. You might put your life at risk if the job is not done carefully and correctly.
Transmission costs like its complexity are very high. From its replacement parts to the manual labor done, everything can cost you approx. $5000.Take the help of a professional whenever you face issues regarding transmission system. At least don’t risk your own safety.
You can shop for replacement transmission system parts at budgetary prices available at Partsavatar Canada.

Head Gasket
Head gasket is a pivotal component of engine’s internal combustion system. This is because it prevents the coolant and oil from mixing can keep them safe from being blown which is a serious problem. Though head gaskets could be cheap but its repair costs are very high because its replacement requires a manual labor of about 20 hours. So it is not a good idea to fix it yourself.

Call the professional and let him handle this issue.You can reduce the expenses by buying aftermarket head gasket sets matching your car’s specifications at cheap prices at online stores.

Repairing brakes is not one man’s job. You will definitely need assistance while doing so. We know brakes are very much important for our safety as most of the accidents happen due to brake failure. Even repairing small stuff like brake pads and rotors could put you in danger.While repairing brakes we are not just talking about car's rear brake pad or front brake pads but also auto brake rotors, caliperswheel bearing and brake fluids. It is not as complicated as other auto parts but still for the sake of your safety do not give it a go if you are a beginner.

For your knowledge you can observe the work done by your mechanic and in future if you are confident enough you can try it yourself.

Most of the cars encounter the problem of overheating of engine.Overheating could cause your vehicle major malfunctioning issues like that of engine and other under the hood components.Generally a failing radiator is responsible for overheating.It regulates the car’s cooling system. If the radiator is over, just think your car is also over.

Online communities provide a lot of stuff or videos on radiator replacement process. It might seem to be easy at some point. But sometimes a loose hose could damage engine components and eventually if the problem increases you might have to replace the engine components or even the engine itself at high costs.

Paying the repairing cost to the mechanic is much cheaper than buying a new engine. So think smart.Maintain your car’s radiator, keep proper level and mixture of coolant or antifreeze used in your vehicle and provide proper service to your car’s radiator to avoid overheating.

Windshield repair
You can avoid the expenses of replacing the whole windshield by getting the cracks in the windshield fixed by the professionals in time. If you try it yourself, then you are taking chances with your safety because without proper visibility it will be dangerous on the road. So beware. Repairing cracks only costs about $80 but replacing a windshield can cost up to $500. So which is convenient? Repairing a crack or replacing a windshield? You know your answer.

Suspension system    
On the road safety is the most important thing along with comfort ability. If you intend to replace the shock absorbers yourself, then you might be getting yourself into upcoming trouble because, if the repair is done incorrectly, any accident could happen on the road.

Take your vehicle to the mechanic and get your car's suspension system parts and shock absorbers checked.

Bottom line
Relying upon the professionals will provide you with both peace of mind and safety on the road and even in the garage. It is good thing to try things out, but there are certain things where proper knowledge and training is necessary. So you cannot take chance until you are best at it.

If you are barred from doing certain DIYs it doesn’t mean you can’t purchase the auto parts accessories yourself.At Parts Avatar you will get almost every automotive tool and part at affordable prices.

Want to maintain your car? Buy replacement parts for your automobile for

The Precautionary Maintenance you must do on your Car
It is the duty of both men as well as women to take proper care of their car by doing some simple car repairs. Since car is non living, this means that it cannot take care of itself. You must develop a habit of maintaining your car on a regular basis and it would help you to save a lot of money in the long run.
Things you should do first
Before starting your journey, you should check that all the auto parts are in good condition and everything is working properly. The way you check your own body, similarly check the health of your vehicle before you get on the road.
It doesn’t really matter if you are covering just a small distance as you should always do a visual inspection of your vehicle. By doing this, you will be secured that nothing has actually bumped into your car or if anyone has parked his or her vehicle really close to yours which can accidentally break the tail light. This visual inspection would help you a lot. This would help you to ensure that you are not missing anything important that would slow you down on the road. Here, we can take an example. You are driving down the road and you have no idea that the antifreeze was leaking the entire time. It is hot outside and you do not have an air conditioning antifreeze leak out at that particular time. In such a situation what would you do? You would surely visit a repair shop or some garage nearby that would charge you a lot by ensuring enough antifreeze. You can add antifreeze fluid on your own as well.
Jack up your vehicle
Now you know that you can save a lot of money by repairing your car yourself. The most important thing here is jack safety, which cannot be neglected at any cost. If you are thinking of raising your vehicle yourself, then buy the best quality of jack stands and one good floor jack. Make sure that your car is parked on a flat surface and you carefully rock it before going under it. Don’t ever rely on one method; prepare a backup plan for sure. When your car is on a jack stand, then you can place the wheels under the car after removing them.
You can always look into the car manuals to find the best points for placing jacks. Before starting, make sure to set the parking brake and rear wheels should be chocked. Take all the precautions before head as it would help you escape injuries.
The Lights
You can always walk around your automotive to check the headlights, its turn lights, indicators, brake lights and other important lighting parts to ensure that all of them are functioning properly. If one light is flashing more quickly than the other one, then surely there is some sort of problem in the fuse.
If you are replacing the bulbs in your car, then avoid touching them with your fingers. It would harm the light and the areas you touched with your fingers would be hotter than the other ones. This would thus result in uneven heating, so wear gloves to avoid contamination. You can look up stores like Napa Canada to buy car lights.
The Batteries
The car battery starts the vehicle by delivering the chemical energy to the starter. The other important function of this car part is to stabilize the voltage of the car so that it can run smoothing without any inconvenience. The car batteries which you buy from stores have an expiration date, so keep this thing in mind and replace them accordingly.

If your car is not able to start, then it means that your battery has failed. If you are trapped in any such situation, then try to start the car by deactivating all the other electronic devices like the car radio, headlights, air conditioner, etc. You can even try to clean the battery.
The vehicle would be maintained and checked regularly as your safety comes first. The vehicle which you are driving should be in a perfect condition. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a road trip or to a local store, you must work upon your car engine to keep you and other passengers safe and secure during the trip. By performing little tasks by yourself, then you won’t have to worry about sending your automobile for repair. Many a times, your engine can run out of oil and it would be a costly mistake. Note it down on a piece of paper that what your car needs, and then it won’t cost you more money at the repairing shops.
Winter Maintenance
When you are taking your vehicle out in the winter season, then you should ensure that there is no snow or ice on it. This would help your vehicle to function efficiently and in a better way. Just follow this routine and give it some time to warm up. This can be done by starting your engine and giving the vehicle some time so that it can actually warm up and in the mean time you can clear off the snow. Give it at least 10-20 minutes to warm up. Winters can be tough, so take the necessary precautions to avoid problems.
If you wish to buy replacement parts for your automobile so that you can repair your car all by yourself, then you must visit  The online body parts which we offer are of best quality and would be totally as per your need. We will not let you down.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nothing Blows a budget faster than the Car Repair. Take a look at some of the expensive repairs suggested by PartsAvatar.

Read about some of the most expensive auto parts and their repairs and best ways to avoid them - Car Parts.

 It is very important to keep your vehicle maintained and serviced to avoid expensive car repairs. Cars are not immune to expensive repairs and services but our bad driving, improper maintenance, bad design or sometimes bad luck cost us expensive charges.
Any expensive repair can set people back financially. Most of the damage and wear is caused due to lack of proper maintenance. The major problem arises when the product is not under warranty. Partsavatar strongly advises to regularly check and maintain your car and avoid missing service schedules of the car.

In this article, let us take a look at some of the expensive repairs and ways to avoid them.

Turbo Chargers
Car Turbo chargers are one of the most expensive parts of the auto vehicle.Also known as “Turbo”, it increases the efficiency and power output of internal combustion engine by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber.As it spins at very high rpm, it is very important to allow the turbo to cool by letting the engine idle for few minutes. Doing this would prevent the oil from burning and damaging the turbo. Sometimes, the geometry of turbo becomes stiff due to creation of soot, which causes the vehicle to lose power as the turbo is no longer able to adjust the pressure.

Also a high screaming noise can be heard if the turbo shaft is imbalanced. This could just ruin the turbo as due to scraping, the metal shards start to enter the engine.For aftermarket new car Turbo chargersor remanufactured turbocharger you can visit online stores like Partsavatar.

Turbo repair can cost upto $1800. So avoid it, dirty oil should be flushed out and good quality oil should be used for lubrication of engine and turbo.

You can avoid the premature wearing of turbo shafts by letting engine and turbo to work at their pace instead of forcing them to warm up. It is wise to let it cool down or let the engine idle for few minutes.

Transmission and Drive train Parts

Any problem with transmission or drive train will not only stop your car but sometimes may also cost your life. It basically transmits power from the engine to the wheels. If the transmission parts wear out, the vehicle will have difficulty in turning. If the gears are changed roughly, it can increase the degree of wear.

As a lot of heat and friction is produced by moving parts, the transmission experiences more wear and tear than other auto parts. Lack of proper lubrication and poor maintenance will accelerate the wear.

You can notice the slipping of gears, screeching noises, burning smell and dragging clutch when there is something wrong with the transmission.

It is wise to check and maintain the transmission parts regularly either you have manual or automatic transmission.Provide proper lubrication and check the oil periodically. Resting your hands on lever could damage the other internal drive parts to avoid it. Limit the stress put on clutch and transmission.

Transmission and drivetrain parts could cost you approx. $5000. Partsavatar offers good quality and durable transmission and drivetrain parts of car at affordable cost.

Hybrid Battery
A hybrid battery is like any normal car battery except that it is rechargeable and has enough power to move a heavy vehicle down the road for few miles.
Notably, hybrid batteries are expensive. In a hybrid car depending upon make and model, you may have to spend about $6000 for battery replacement.You are cutting the fuel charges at very high cost. Sometimes along with the battery the computer system also needs to be repaired especially in hybrid cars. This may add more $6000 in your bill.

So, even though you buy an electric car thinking of cutting the fuel expenses, the battery completes those charges in its replacement.You can avoid the battery from dying prematurely by proving it proper maintenance.  Mostly hybrid cars come with the option of gas as well as battery. So you can save battery power by operating the car on gas.

If still, you want to shop for hybrid battery of car, find a suitable brand at Partsavatar.

Engine and cylinder
If the cylinder in the core gets damaged, your car just won’t drive. Engine parts are quite delicate and costly. Improper maintenance will cause the engine to damage and repair costs also vary with make and model of the vehicle’s engine. The repair cost is proportional to the cost of a new car i.e. $10000 approx. you can choose what you have to do.

Blown engine is the worst problem of the engine as it means engine has suffered internal damage. It this case you may need full replacement of engine and its parts.Now you can Shop for best brand engine and its parts at Partsavatar.

Suspension system is quite overlooked when it comes to maintenance of the car parts. Suspension system is responsible for your smooth drive without bumps and digs of the road. If the parts are ignored, the friction could damage other suspension parts and to repair the suspension system as a whole is quite expensive. It may take up to $ 3500 to replace the full set up.

Routine checkup and maintenance of your car’s suspension system includes:
1. Inspecting shocks for leaks, cracks and other damage.
2. Look for vehicle bounce and sway when cornering.
3. Worn shock and struts could cause uneven tire wear, so check for it.

Get your suspension parts repaired and always take second opinion before changing all suspension parts at once because it would cost you more.Car's Suspension system parts can be purchased at aftermarket prices at online auto parts stores like partsavatar.

Head Gasket
Head gasket is a vital component as it prevents the coolant or oil from leaking into the engine cylinders. It creates perfect seal between engine block and cylinder head of engine itself.

Lack of coolant due to leakage can cause the engine to overheat hence further damaging engine parts and head gasket. The gasket itself is cheap enough but the labor is hard work. So, the work done to replace the gasket is quite costly. Repair can cost up to $2000.

It is advised to check the proper level of the coolant to avoid overheating issues. Overheating ruins the car parts badly. So keep the engine from overheating and extend it life.
Get reliable brand auto head gaskets of your specifications at Partsavatar.

Keep good care of your vehicle. Owner’s manual is the best way of taking help for repairs. The longer you wait for the maintenance the greater the damage is.Change the fluids, filters spark plugs timely and check for the appropriate fluid level. Do not ignore unusual noises as they might be indicating that something is not well. If you still fail to identify the problem, visit your mechanic. It is wise to prevent the damage from beginning than paying heavy sum for repairs.

You can Shop for aftermarket replacement auto parts at budgetary prices available at Parts Avatar Canada. 

Going on a road trip? Here are some tips and preventive measures which you should consider- Parts Avatar

Going on a road trip? Here are some tips and preventive measures which you should consider
If you are driving off highway or in the back country, then it can be really very dangerous. You must check the local weather and road conditions before heading out. Don’t forget the owner’s manual as it can be really very helpful in such a situation. If you spend a lot of your time on road and want to equip your vehicle for roadside emergencies, then this article would help you a lot.
Before you head out
It comprises of two things. The first one is the travel plan and the other is the safety net.  Travel plan means that you should carry all the important safety gear with you in the journey. Now what is safety net? Your family members, friends with whom you love to travel are your safety net which would assist you when you are injured or have faced some other difficulty while driving.
If you are going  alone, make this a point to inform someone reliable that where exactly you are heading, the highway you are going to chose and the day you are planning to return back. Most of the people are overconfident and think that they have travelled through that path hundreds of times before so they need not take any sort of precautions. This type of mentality can be very dangerous. So kindly avoid it. Surviving alone in such conditions can be really hard, so be careful.
Take some of the preventive measures mentioned below to avoid harsh situations. They are:-
What would you do if your tire blows out or becomes flat due to improper inflation while you are in city?  The most common answer would be that you will search for a mechanic and would get it repaired immediately.  But what if you are twenty miles down on a dirt road? That can be a real setback. Before leaving for your trip, check the tire pressure and its appearance.  It would just take a few minutes and in return would save your hours of sweat. Make it a point to keep one spare tire to avoid any such situation mentioned above.

Is your radiator fluid properly topped off? Keep in mind to carry a duct tape for radiator hose if any sort of leakage occurs. The temperature, so take the precautions before head. Get the radiator flushed on a regular basis so that it runs efficiently.

  1. Fluids
Fluids are important and cannot be neglected at any point.  Some of the basic fluids are oil, brake and transmission fluids. There is no harm in taking precautions as it would save plenty of your time later on. It would take just a few minutes and you would be relaxed throughout the journey.

  1. Water
Can you live without water? Of course not! Then you must carry enough water while you go on a road trip. The amount of water which you should carry depends upon what time of the year it is and the number of people which are travelling with you. In summers, it should be around 2 gallons per person and half of it in winters. If you are going in some desert area, then the amount of water should be definitely more. So carry enough water so that you stay hydrated.

Some other important things which you should carry are:-
  • Leather gloves
  • Umbrella
  • Candle
  • Air compressor
  • Duct tape
  • Cell phone charger
  • Sunglasses
Pre- trip mindset and some important Survival Tips
The roads in the backcountry would change with the change in the weather. Just stay on the main roads and avoid shortcuts. Here are some vital tips which you should always keep in mind:-
  1. Before going, make sure that your gas tank is full.
  2. Travel with a partner. Driving alone can be boring and at the same time dangerous. More the eyes and brains, safer you would be.
  3. If you are planning to go in a desert, the most vital item is Water.
  4. Don’t depend upon the road signs. You must carry an up to date map as it would be really very helpful.
  5. If you are trapped somewhere and only walking would be helpful, then carry your water with you and just stay on the road rather than opting for some other way. Try to leave a note on the dashboard of your vehicle that would explain that where you are heading.
  6. Don’t travel in night if you are not aware about the area properly as you will lose your way.
  7. Never ever go against the climate. If the weather conditions are not good, then just turn back.
Nothing is more important than your life. Don’t put it at a risk by being overconfident.  Before going for a trip, you must check all the body parts properly.  You can find car parts which are to be replaced before setting off for the journey at We ensure you that you won’t face any sort of difficulty in car components during your trip. The prices which we charge are really very genuine.