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Your car needs more care during winter!!!

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Future is going to be either very complicated or very exciting, as many of automobile companies are planning for presenting drive less vehicle now a days. Even, many countries are accepting this advancement of this automotive industry in very positive manner.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Happy Saint Jean!! Enjoy the Fun of this festival by incorporating traditional and contemporary celebrations to your events!

Don’t have any plans for Saint Jean Baptiste day?? Want to have some Flair and fun this weekend?? Check out the amazing ways by which you can turn your Boring Saint Jean into an Iconic one-Brought to you by PartsAvatar!

Happy Saint Jean!! It won’t be a good idea to ditch all the celebrations of this traditional French festival and to keep glued to your television at home! Step out as a lot of fun is waiting for you this June!

Awesome parties, community picnics, iconic parade and a super giant and no holds barred free music show is going to be there. You are in luck! Everyone is going to be celebrating with you!

PartsAvatar suggests some spectacular ways in which you can make your boring Saint Jean a super exciting one. If Saint Jean is not known to you, then you need a brief introduction.

Origins of Saint Jean Baptiste Day
Saint Jean baptiste day originated from celebrations of summer solstice, an ancient pagan tradition in which fires were lit to celebrate light on the longest day of the year. Held annually on 24 June, the Fête nationale du Québec or Saint Jean Baptiste day has been a statutory holiday in Québec since 1925. It’s also a day of celebration for French- Canadians throughout the country and around the U.S.

The history of Saint Jean Baptiste day goes back hundreds of years. Originally, it was a day to remember St. Jean the Baptist, a Christian saint. St. Jean Baptiste is the one who is credited with the baptism of baby Jesus in the river Jordan. But that changed in the spring of 1834. A French Canadian businessman named Ludger Duvernay attended a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Montreal.

He thought that French Canadians should organize a similar day to honour their own heritage. So, he formed St. Baptist society and the holiday was first observed on June 24 of that year.

Saint Jean Baptiste Day was celebrated on and off for years until it finally became an official holiday in Québec in 1925. French Canadians living outside Québec also celebrate the holiday leading many non French Canadians living in Québec to consider it an ethnic holiday instead of provincial holiday.

Here’s How to make most of the holiday!

Embrace the holiday’s hereditary roots
The most important thing to celebrate a festival with great zeal to is to know its reason. Without a reason, you won’t be able to enjoy its real fun! Do remember the reason for Saint Jean Baptiste day before starting celebrations. This French Canadian holiday has evolved to become a time to commemorate different cultures, nationalities and ethnic groups represented across the provinces.

The flag of the Québec and the white fleur de lis that is found on the flag are both symbols of the holiday. So, many people wear blue and white clothing when attending celebrations.

Don’t forget to light the candles at your party!
Fire is an eternal symbol of this holiday as St. Jean pays homage to the light. Light up your St. Jean baptiste party with lots of strand lights and candles. With this, pay homage to Saint Jean Baptiste and also give a glowing environment to your bash. If you have small children and pets in your house then it is better to use flameless candles for their safety.

It is the perfect time for a roaring bonfire to honour this event.

Find your very own little Saint Jean
Saint Jean is the symbol of this special time of the year and should be honored at your festivity. Parades are very popular to pay tribute to this important day. If you are in Quebec, then don’t give it a miss as its worth watching!

French Canadians parades often feature individuals impersonating this saint which might be an option for your own party. It used to be a tradition in Montreal and Quebec for a little boy to imitate Saint Jean in the parade but it faded in 1960s.
In the parade, you can notice a sheep following Saint Jean and it is also seen as a traditional symbol of this festival.

Light the Bonfire!

Many people start their celebrations with this traditional custom of lighting a bonfire. Bonfires are communal and help us warm in chilly nights. Community gathers to cook, relax, sing and dance and to celebrate this great festival.

Québécois begin their celebration of the occasion of the night before with bonfires, dancing and the singing of the traditional folk songs.

Multicultural Menu
If you are hosting a party at home, then it’s a perfect time to try a unique recipe with some traditional items. Freshly baked loaves, lamb dish, fresh fruits and veggies from your garden and potluck along with some beer can be served on the holiday table as traditional menu.

This holiday has evolved to become a time to celebrate the multicultural traditions and wide range of ethnicity present in Canada. Don’t be afraid to offer, Mexican and Italian cuisine with Mediterranean touch on your table.

Don’t miss the Parade
Parades mark a major highlight of Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations. During this time of year, Parades are a big deal in Canada. Attendees are most welcome to walk with the parade.

Along with the parade, immerse yourself in the aboriginal culture of Canada during International Pow Wow in Wendake during this weekend.

Events to Enjoy in Montreal!

  The défilé de la Fête nationale is a long standing annual parade celebrating the history of Quebec culture. Surprise gifts are often handed to the onlookers who get their early. Along with the parade which can be enjoyed by all ages, there are often interactive stations along the roadway as well.

Without Le grand Spectacle there is always going to be unfinished celebration. Get the fun of this vibrant free outdoor concert organized every year in Montreal on 23 or 24 June.

Districts across Montreal celebrate la Saint Jean on June 23 and June 24, 2017 with fireworks, bonfires, face paintings, games for kids, food, live shows and more.
Don’t forget to visit the Gay village. Check out the full schedule of events at

Bottom line
If you are in Canada especially in Quebec or Montreal, you are quite fortunate to witness this special festival. So still thinking of giving it a miss?

If you want to celebrate your day over drinks, then for your information, many people choose this day to imbibe in the expensive array of Canadian beers available! It’s a wonderful time to hang out with your loved ones, feast and celebrate the French culture.

So, from PartsAvatar Auto Parts “Bonne Saint Jean Baptiste!”.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Infographic-Save yourself from a Car Crash !!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Summer Has Come !!Unleash the inner explorer in you this summer with adventures rounded by PartsAvatar !!

Do you know that Canada is the top summer destination among tourists?? Summer is the prime time to experience all that this beautiful country has to offer, so what are you waiting for? Get your summer adventure started with this bucket list- Brought to you by PartsAvatar Car Parts.

Do you have plans for summer?? Or are you afraid of the Sun? Acting like a tourist in your own country is a great way to appreciate the scenic spots that surround you.
Canada has a variety of breathtaking landscapes full of adventures waiting to happen. So, get out of your home, but a plane or train ticket and unleash the inner explorer in you, this summer.

We have rounded up the must do events across the country to heat up the summer.

Trek a Long Distance trail
Do you love adventure? From the west coast trail to the British Columbia to the long Range Traverse in New Found land there are plenty of hikes that you can enjoy.

Traversing through the dense forest and into the coast range alpine is equally stunning. Be sure to wear or pack layers, plan for changing weather and bring food and water. Hikers without climbing skills need not reach the summit.

Experience natural wonders by cycling

Experience all the natural wonders like Haida Gwaii have to offer by cycling across the island. The Nova Scotia’s glorious Cabot Trail delivers big time. Vistas, forest and ocean, this 298 km paved loop on Cape Breton Island will make you feel like you’re touring the Scottish highlands.

And who says Bigger is better? Canada’s smallest province is perfect for beginners. The confederation trail is not very hilly and you can cover a lot of island in a few days.
Well if you love challenging route, then Viking trail in new found land is definitely challenging along the rugged coast through spectacular Gros Morne National park and onto the northern tip of the island. You can also take short spins in search of Islands.

Camp for a true outdoor adventure
The Canadian Great Bear rainforest and woodlands are worth watching. Are you looking for campsites to explore the nature?

In terra Nova, Newman sound camp ground is located within the park. Most people come to this park to experience sea kayaking, canoeing and hiking. It has not been uncommon for sea kayakers to spot a whale breaching playfully on the water.

There are various camp grounds from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island for amazing camping adventures to experience. Get lost for a day deep in between towering trees and set up your own tent at a local campsite at night for a true outdoor adventure.

Explore Canada’s territories
Find a cheap flight up north and prepare to be surprised by pristine natural beauty at its finest.  Experience the natural beauty of Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut when the snow has melted and the stunning sparsely populated landscapes are visible.

Go fishing
Over three million people each year enjoy fishing in Canada’s waters and as many as 200 different species of fish thrive here. You can take a weekend trip to country’s major fishing lodges or gorgeous restaurants.

In the northern parts of Canada such as Yukon and Nunavut, arctic char and Kaka née are plentiful. British Columbia is the perfect place for finding great pacific Chinook, Coho and chum salmon. East Canada is home to many waters that house lake trout, muskellunge and northern pike. Going further east to New Brunswick you will find wonderful Atlantic salmon.

Hit the highway for Road trips

Roll down your windows, cue up the playlists and hit the highways on one of the great Canadian road trips. Whether you have got days or just few hours to spare, these unforgettable treks offer breathtaking scenery, iconic landmarks and thrilling stops along the way.

Head to Horseshow Bay for the ferry to Nanaimo and then hit pacific Rim highway for a gorgeous, windy drive through ancient temperate rainforests boasting views of mountains, lakes and coastline.

Book off four days to trek from Calgary to Lake Louise and take a stroll around the beautiful lake filled with crystal blue water. Take gondola all the way up to the mountain and bring your bathing suit as you will be spending some time in the hot springs!

Soak in Natural Hot Springs!
There’s nothing about Canada that is boring. One of the most amazing things this country has to offer is its natural hot Springs!

Hot springs contain loads of minerals and can have many positive health benefits as well. Since you are in Canada, surrounded by so many of these rare, relaxing hot springs why not get out there and try them this summer?

Hot springs Cove located in Maquinna national park is totally free to visit. With breathtaking views of Rocky Mountains, the Miette hot springs is an unforgettable experience. So, spend your afternoons soaking in these unbelievable natural springs.

Experience the world of water sport
With millions of lakes and rivers to choose from, you can learn a different water sport this summer. You can go kayaking, surfing, rafting, canoeing, wakeboarding and paddle boarding for hours under the sun. Get ready of easy and fun instructions and boast about learning something new this summer among your peers.

Picnic in National parks
Canada has at least one national park in each territory or province with plenty of picturesque pit stops to snack at. Make an overnight trip with tent and campfire.

Drive along Trans Canada highway
Set aside one week or take one month to road trip through the fantastic provinces of entire country on one of the world’s largest highways.  Start in Canada’s oldest city, St. John’s, New Found Land and go all the way to Vancouver where you can catch the ferry to Victoria.
Nothing is more peaceful than nature. There are countless things to do for fun in summer, but spending time in nature is itself incredible. Give it a go this year’s summer. You will have unforgettable experience

Saturday, June 17, 2017

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Partsavatar wishes Happy Mother's day to all the Great Mothers !! Know the different ways of People to express their love for their moms across the Globe !!

Mothers Day is celebrated around the world, though on different dates. Know how people express their love for their mother!!~ Brought to you by Parts avatar Canada

Mother’s day celebrates the achievements and efforts of mothers and mother figure. It is an annual event celebrated across the globe but it is held at different dates in the calendar depending on the country.

Many of us remember our mothers or mother figures on this auspicious day. Mother figure can be anyone who showers her selfless love upon you like relatives, mother-in-law, god mother, foster parent, a friend or even your step mother. It is interesting to note that we celebrate mother’s day on different days on this planet. Even if you live in Canada and your mom is in India, you have a good chance to wish her twice!

Many countries like Australia, Canada and US celebrate mother’s day on second Sunday of May usually as Sundays are generally non working in these countries. In Countries like Thailand, CostaRica, Samoa and Georgia Mother’s day is treated as public holiday. But whatever may be the date of Mother’s day is celebrated with the same spirit everywhere. So, let us see how people around the globe show their love to their mother or mother figures!

Mother’s day in Canada is as popular as Christmas and Valentine’s Day.  Like U.S.A. mother’s day is celebrated in Canada in the second Sunday of May every year.  Canadians mostly love to express their love and feelings through Cards and flowers. People pay tribute to their mothers on this day and thank them for staying by their side throughout their life.

It has been noted that sales of Cards break all records on Mother’s day. Many folks take their mothers to fancy restaurants for dinner and some may cook special dishes for their mothers at home themselves. Caring children make it a point to greet Mother’s day to their own moms, granny and mother figures. They bake cakes to show their love!


Mother’s day is treated as national holiday in US. People show their love and respect to their respective mothers and mother figures by hoisting National flag on every house and important buildings as a tribute to motherhood.
Former President of US Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s day as national holiday due to the dedication and hard work of Ms Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis is also known as mother of Mother’s day.

Mother’s day is commercialized in US to the great extent. Phone lines record a heavy traffic and Card sales reach their peaks on this day. Like Canada, Mother’s day is also considered big day like Christmas.  Restaurants are way too busy on this day as children won’t let their moms cook for them.

There is also a tradition of gifting flowers especially carnations which are considered as flowers only for Mother’s day occasion. People gift red or pink carnations for their mothers and offer white carnations to their deceased mothers.

Mother’s day falls on same day as in Canada. There is also a tradition of wearing carnation on Mother’s day in Australia. Children pamper their mothers by treating them with breakfasts on bed and with gifts.
Card manufacturers and Florist see a high business on Mother’s day.

Mother’s day in United Kingdom is celebrated with great excitement and verve but it doesn’t fall on the same dates as US and Canada. It is believed that England was the first country of the world to dedicate a day for mothers in early 1600s.  Children gift flowers and thank them for their constant support. Like other countries, mother’s day is quite beneficial for florists.

It is a tradition in UK of making a rich almond cake for mothers called “Mothering cake” on mother’s day. People gift Roses to their mothers often.

Mother’s day celebration in Mexico takes place on May 10 as it is the special day for Mexicans. Churches in Mexico organize special mass on this day. The highpoint of the event is the orchestra which plays "las mañanitas" and distribution of 'tamales' and 'atole', the traditional early-morning meal to all local mothers. School children prepare skits for their mothers.

The phrase “Ha Ha No hi” means Happy mother’s day in Japanese. Unlike Western countries, Japanese people buy different gifts or kimono for their mothers like Pin Flower Silk kimono or Red flower cotton Kimono, baby and mother kokeshi doll, fragrance cards and many more. During Second World War western festival celebration was completely prohibited among Japanese. It was after the war that the custom was restored.

Japanese people consider carnations as one of the most beautiful mother’s day gift. All the people of Japan shower their love and affection to their mother by gifting them beautiful and lovely carnations. They prepare special dishes like Sushi on this day for their moms.

Mother’s day in Germany is called Muttertag. In 1938, to honor motherhood, German government called forth Mutterehrenkreuz as the cross of honor of German mother. Like Canada, German people wear carnations to show love and respect to their moms. Members of family plan to spend the day together preparing meal for their mother.

South Africa
People take their mothers out for dinner. They gift them carnations as a token of respect and gratitude.

Peru’s citizens are extremely passionate about Mother’s day. It is said that about 92 % of the country is found celebrating mother’s day with zeal. This data is the proof of honor, love and respect the children give to their mothers. Peruvians organize family get together and make sure to give their mother some leisure time.

There are many places in Peru where mothers are allowed to visit for free. Many musical and artistical shows are organized in honor of mothers on this day.

Philippines citizens not only honor their mothers but also revere their grandmothers, aunt, cousins and other female members of the family. Interesting fact is that husbands give gifts to their wives or take them for a trip.

People of Ethiopia celebrate mother’s day by preparing traditional recipe for friends and family called hash. The task of bringing ingredients is divided among children and after they gather the contents, mother prepares the dish and whole family enjoys it together. There is a ritual where mother-daughter rub each other’s face with butter. They sing and dance and whole celebration lasts three days.

There are various ways to show your mother your love and respect. It can be gifts, cards, flowers, dinner, handmade dish, cakes, messages and even phone call. Parts avatar auto parts wish its customers a very happy mother’s day.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

what do different colored exhaust smokes coming out of exhaust pipe mean?? Diagnose this problem at PartsAvatar.

Learn how toquickly check your car’s health from the color of the smoke emitted by your car exhaust – Tips from Partsavatar Aftermarket Parts.

You can easily determine an auto malfunction from the smoke emissions. It is definitely time to pay attention to your car if you notice smoke of different colors emitting from exhaust tailpipe.

Not all type of smokes determine auto malfunction. In some cases, if you notice a large amount of smoke coming out of car exhaust pipe, you would more or less consider that something is wrong with your car’s engine. But it is to be noted that it is not always the same case. Not all automotive problems can be detected from smoke types. But still, how do you know that the smoke is ruining your engine? When do you think is the time to visit the mechanic once you notice smoke?

Parts Avatar gives you the answer. In this article, we shall differentiate between different colored auto smokes that you must be familiar with along with their causes.

What are the Causes of Smoke?

First and foremost let us know why the smoke is produced before analyzing different colors of smoke. If there is some problem with the engine that produces smoke, that smoke makes its exit through the exhaust.

Sometimes, fire under the hood produces engine smoke and in the worst case flames may start coming out which could lead to a disaster. Do yourself a favor and get far away from your car if you notice something like this. It is foolish decision to keep on driving as it will eventually become risky for your safety.

Oil dripping from leaking valve cover gasket into the hot manifold may also produce smoke. You will also notice oil pooling under the car or the driveway if the leak is large.You can replace valve cover gasket under aftermarket prices which are quite cheap.

So, not always there is issue with engine. But to begin with, smoke is not a good sign. Hand over your car to a certified technician and let him figure out what to do. Now let us discuss causes of different colored smoke emitted out of exhaust.

White Exhaust Smoke
Sometimes small amount of condensed vapors come out of exhaust in the form of white smoke. It is not that dangerous though. Vapors quickly dissipate in the atmosphere after exiting car exhaust tailpipe. But if your car is producing frequent thick white smoke, then it might be alarming.There is possibility that coolant might be burning inside the internal combustion chamber. There are various causes behind this as follows.

Cylinder Head
As the combustion chamber is located in the cylinder head, most explosive processes take place in here.Engine misfires are always caused due to cracks in cylinder head.

The crack in the cylinder head causes the coolant to enter the combustion chamber.
Due to too much heat inside the chamber, overheating can be caused. Due to immense heat, a lot of stress is put on cylinder head. As the cooling system has already failed and pressure has been built, this whole scenario causes the head gasket to malfunction and the cylinder head starts to crack. When the mixture of coolant and fuel is burnt for combustion process, it produces white smoke.

Auto Cylinder heads are one of the car’s costly repairs. Your car may need complete replacement of cylinder head. If the cylinder heads are ignored, by time the damage is so big that you might need to consider buying a new car.

Blown Head Gasket
The basic purpose of head gasket is to seal the block and the cylinder head. Often a damaged head gasket or cracks in the engine block makes passage for the coolant to enter the combustion chamber and get mixed with the fuel. Thus white smoke is produced. Engine Head gaskets are cheap to purchase but at the same time costly when it comes to the labor.

Cracked engine block
A crack in the deck of engine block near the coolant jacket will cause the coolant to enter the combustion chamber.Cracked engine block can become a grave problem for your car’s engine. It is virtually impossible to repair a cracked engine block. Engine block supports almost all the components of the engine.

A crack in the block will cause huge leakages making your car emit white smoke. It is better to get an engine replacement as a whole.

It is to be noted that emission of white smoke is the first sign of engine overheating problem.Overheating of engine can lead to massive auto component damage under the hood. So call your mechanic immediately.

Gray/Blue Exhaust Smoke

A malfunctioning turbocharger or burning of oil in the combustion chamber can cause the exhaust to emit blue smoke.You might need to replace turbocharger of your car if it is faulty.These are possible symptoms.

Transmission fluid leakage
The transmission fluid used by your vehicle’s transmission might be leaking and getting mixed with the oil or fuel and getting burnt. A malfunctioning transmission vacuum modulator may be the culprit here which is causing the leakage and burning.

Leaking Valve stem seal
The valve stems regulate the oil to lubricate the guides in the chamber. Grey emissions might be produced due to faulty stem seals as they make the way for the oil to enter the combustion chamber. The best way is to either replace Valve stem seal set or just replace the engine if the damage is quite big. Worn or damaged piston rings, damaged valve guides also cause grey smoke to be emitted out of the exhaust.Replace piston rings in combustion chamber too.

Stuck PCV Valve
Blue or gray smoke could also be produced due to immense crankcase pressure caused by the stuck PCV Valve. Stuck valve may cause oil leakage into the chamber thus producing grey fumes. If they are loose, tighten PCV Valve and check whether the smoke persists. Otherwise call your mechanic for better advice.

Black Exhaust Smoke

Burning of excessive fuel in the engine often causes the black exhaust smoke to emit. This means that too much gas is entering the chamber but only small amount of fuel is being burnt. In this case fill your gas tank with relevant amount of fuel. Let us take a look at some other causes.

Dirty Air filter
The air filter allows the oxygen to enter the combustion chamber and blocks other substances from entering the chamber. But if it is clogged, less air is allowed in the chamber resulting in your car burning too much fuel with small amount of oxygen which results in black smoke. It is better to replace the car air filter if you notice any symptom of malfunction.

Faulty Fuel Pressure Regulator
Our car’s fuel system is designed to work in different range of pressures.The fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure with which your car runs. A faulty regulator may cause the pressure to fluctuate and if it falls too low then there may not be enough fuel reaching the engine to start it. Replace the fuel pressure regulator if necessary.

Clogged Fuel injectors
Fuel injectors are the devices that are used to spray small amount of atomized gasoline into the vehicle’s Engine intake manifold which is meant to mix with the oxygen to start your car’s engine. A faulty fuel injector will cause too much fuel to leak inside the chamber which in turn produces black smoke. The remedy is to repair the fuel injectors.

Fuel Return
A restricted fuel return line allows too much fuel to be dissipated for combustion purposes. If the amount of fuel for combustion is higher than normal, more fuel will be burnt and the rate of burnt gases leaving the combustion chamber will also increase resulting in black smoke.

Burning excessive fuel will affect your car’s fuel economy. So pay attention to what it needs to ensure more miles for your car.

Bottom line
If your vehicle is running on too much oil, engine is burning too much oil or if you notice oil or coolant leakage, then there is a possibility that your engine is malfunctioning.

Smoke depicts that the car is in distress. Always diagnose what needs to be repaired and beware of the fake auto repair shops. Take advice from a professional or even take second opinion. Don’t wait for the engine light to flash.
Keep an eye on the smoke emitter by your car’s exhaust and keep proper level of Auto transmission fluid and coolant in your car.

For best deal of aftermarket Auto parts visit